Unveiling Leadership in Healthcare: A Recap of the CEO@Talk Inauguration Day at UPM

In the bustling halls of University Putra Malaysia (UPM), anticipation hung in the air as students, faculty, and professionals gathered for a momentous occasion – the CEO@Talk Inauguration Day. With eager minds and open hearts, attendees eagerly awaited insights from a distinguished leader, none other than our very own CEO, Dr. Rebecca Tay, who was appointed as the CEO@Talk for this prestigious event.

Beacon Precision Diagnostics collaborated with other affiliates such as Beacon Premier Wellness, Global Precision Diagnostics, Premium Pure, Beacon Mart, Beacon Chicken, and Beacon Hospital. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences have also invited two other speakers, Mr. Cheah (CEO of Beacon Hospital), and Mr. Jack (Vice President of Federation of Asian Pharmaceuticals Association) to provide a talk about the following themes;


Mr. Cheah was sharing about the advancement of Beacon Hospital and the collaboration progress among our Beacon affiliates meanwhile Mr. Jack was keen on the idea of Pharmacogenomics and its implementation into a global perspective. As mentioned by Dr. Rebecca Tay, pharmacogenomics must be emphasised in an international scope. Every patient is important, especially through Pharmacogenomics, Precision Diagnostics adapts precision medicine into the practising healthcare and future lifestyle. The following pictures were taken throughout the event, involving affiliates of Beacon Precision Diagnostics, students and faculty of the university.