Participation of Beacon Precision Diagnostics in the Biennial Scientific Conference 2023

Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity (MASO), title "Curbing Obesity"

Beacon Precision Diagnostics: Tackling Obesity Through Innovation

Beacon Precision Diagnostics extends its gratitude to YB Dato Lukanisman Bin Awang Sauni, Deputy Minister of Health, and the Minister of Health Malaysia, for the opportunity to participate in the event “Curbing Obesity: A Shared Responsibility.” This initiative highlights a critical public health concern and demonstrates our collective commitment to addressing obesity. Our shared goal is to emphasize the latest research, innovative strategies, and effective policies for tackling obesity. We are also thankful and grateful for MASO to be providing us the space to conduct our booth, spreading awareness on the correlation of Pharmacogenomics with Obesity.

Who is MASO?

The Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity (MASO) is a leading organization dedicated to understanding, preventing, and managing obesity in Malaysia. Founded to address the growing concern of obesity and its related health issues, MASO brings together healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to collaborate on tackling this complex public health challenge. MASO’s mission is to advance the science of obesity through research, education, and advocacy. The organization’s objectives include:

  • Promoting research on the causes, consequences, and treatment of obesity.
  • Educating healthcare professionals and the public about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Advocating for effective policies and interventions to prevent and manage obesity.
  • Fostering collaboration among experts from various disciplines to address the multifaceted nature of obesity.

MASO engages in a variety of activities to fulfill its mission, including:

  • Biennial Scientific Conference: This event serves as a platform for experts from diverse fields to share the latest research, innovative strategies, and effective policies for addressing obesity. It encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas to advance the understanding and management of obesity.
  • Educational Programs: MASO organizes workshops, seminars, and public awareness campaigns to educate both healthcare professionals and the general public about obesity and its prevention.
  • Research Support: The association supports and funds research initiatives aimed at uncovering new insights into the causes and treatment of obesity.
  • Policy Advocacy: MASO works with government agencies and other stakeholders to advocate for policies that promote healthy living and effective obesity management.

Through its comprehensive approach to obesity, MASO aims to reduce the prevalence of obesity and improve the overall health and well-being of the Malaysian population. By fostering collaboration, promoting research, and advocating for effective interventions, MASO plays a crucial role in combating this pressing public health issue.

Collaborative Efforts at MASO 2023

The Biennial Scientific Conference, MASO 2023 (Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity Scientific Conference), provided a valuable platform for collaboration. It brought together experts from various fields to explore the multifaceted challenge of obesity. Beacon Precision Diagnostics is committed to leveraging our advanced technology to combat this issue and contribute to the development of comprehensive solutions.

“Curbing Obesity: A Shared Responsibility” underscores a major public health concern, and it’s a testament to our shared commitment to tackling this issue head-on. Together, we aim to spotlight the latest research, innovative strategies, and effective policies for addressing obesity.


Beacon Precision Diagnostics, in collaboration with the Malaysian Ministry of Health, is dedicated to addressing obesity as a major public health concern. Through participation in the MASO 2023 conference, we aim to spotlight cutting-edge research, innovative strategies, and effective policies. By uniting experts from diverse backgrounds, we strive to tackle obesity with the latest technology and a collaborative approach, emphasizing our commitment to improving public health.

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