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DNA Report
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Molecular Genetics

We provide Clinical Accredited services in advancing patient genetics’, genomics’, and molecular biology.


Malaysia’s 1st Clinical Recommended Genome-Wide Pharmacogenomics 2023
by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Clinical Diagnostics

Services include Haematology, Serology, Chemical Pathology, Blood Transfusion, and Immunology.

Molecular Genetics Services
Clinical Diagnostics Services
Joyce Fong
Joyce Fong
24 May 2024
Great and worthwhile experience as we get to know ourself in a much personalise and deeper way. The team are very professional and patience in explaining the results in detail via Zoom which is very convenient for my parents. Highly recommended and thank you to the team!
Fatih Eren Masalci
Fatih Eren Masalci
29 April 2024
I did the PRECISE Pharmacogenomics test for me initially. After consulting with their amazing staff, I felt encouraged to get it for my family. At the time, there was an offer for PRECISE Nutrigenomics free with Pharmacogenomics test which was good. The report was useful and available for my use. Highly recommend for people like me, who take a lot of medicine, should do this....
Hannah CPH
Hannah CPH
26 April 2024
Did a phamacogenomics test on my DNA, beacon consultant explained it well and details, they help me understand my DNA and make sure I understand every single line from the reports! very good services.
jin ng
jin ng
6 December 2023
very impressive nutrigenomic and pharmacogenomic tests.. Gotten a lot of valuable insights and special thanks to the team for a professional and detailed consultation.
Fion Gan
Fion Gan
14 October 2023
Beacon Hospital has improved a lot on the speed of delivering our blood test. Never expected the Health screening blood tests is done in less than two hours. Friendly staffs. Good experience.
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